• Optical crystals, laser substrates and objectives for IR and UV fields

    Workshop "Lenses for IR and UV field" produces lenses with spherical and aspherical surfaces, and flat-parallel plates (mirrors and substrates) working in the IR and UV fields. The workshop has the l
  • Microprisms

    OPTIX offers а cost effective custom fabrication of microprisms and microprismatic assemblies (consisting of three prisms with dimensions from 0.3 mm to 1 mm each).
  • Spherical optics

    OPTIX Co. has three separate sections for production of high quality spherical details with a diameter of 10.00 mm to 250 mm - "Long series", "Mid-size optical parts" and "Large size optical parts." D
  • Flat optics

    OPTIX Co manufactures prisms, flat-parallel lamellae, windows, wedges, optical scales, filters and mirrors of various dimensions and configurations. 
  • Optical Coatings

    OPTIX Co. possesses the necessary technical equipment for applying different types of monolayer and multilayer coatings on glass and crystal. The equipment has been produced by world leading companies
  • Optical Assemblies

    Using optical adhesives with UV and hot induration /Norland, Loctite, Sylgard/ in the "Finishing operations" workshop, the optical elements are bound together in various types of assembled units like:
  • Optical Blanks

    OPTIX Co is comprised of high-tech equipment for manufacturing of blanks of various types and dimensions.
  • Test Plates

    OPTIX Co manufactures precise radial standards – test plates /base pair and working glass/ pursuant to DIN standard, providing the control of the surfaces during the manufacturing of the optical
  • Innovations

    The investment policy about the innovations is essential for the high standards of OPTIX Co manufacturing. The company has won a number of projects in which implements the improvements in production a
  • Mechanics

    The manufactured mechanical parts are designed for usage in different types of lenses, eyepieces, condensers, target systems, medical, measuring and other devices and systems.
  • Innovations

    Innovation processes in "Mechanics" department are part of the current and future projects of the company, within the framework of which it is planned to make improvements concerning the increase in l
  • Measurement Possibilities

    Measurement Possibilities
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