OPTIX DIANA - Single Tube Night Vision Goggles


OPTIX single tube night vision goggles DIANA is a night vision device designed for M and LE units. It can be used handheld, mounted on a helmet or mounted on the head of the user. The device also allows the mounting of afocal magnifiers in front of the objective that can increase the device magnification to 3x, 4x or 5x.

The single tube night vision goggles DIANA can serve the following tasks:

- field observation and patrolling;

- tactical and strategical surveillance;

- field reconnaissance.

Key Characteristics:

  • The device can incorporate different types of 18 mm Image Intensifier tubes
  • 23,8mm objective’s focal length
  • Has larger field of view than the most similar products
  • Operates with any type of AA battery
  • Incorporates IR illuminator in the housing
  • Can be combined with afocal magnifiers and transform in long range observation device

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