OPTIX PAGOT - Thermal Sight for Grenade Launchers


Upgrade your RPG
OPTIX PAGOT is a thermal imaging sight specially designed for grenade launchers. The sight cuts through the battlefield and environment obscurants to deliver crisp image and clear target visibility, enabling the operatives to make quick decisions to accomplish their mission. PAGOT is dedicated for optimal performance with 40 mm RPG -7 and provides different reticle designs with ballistic corresponding to the different grenade types.

DIANA IR series thermal imaging device can serve the following tasks:

- target acquisition;
- fire control;
- tactical and strategical surveillance;
- field reconnaissance.

  Key Characteristics:

  • 384x288 or 640x480 detector resolution
  • 25mm objective’s focal length
  • Extremely compact and portable
  • Versatile use: handheld, helmet mountable, weapon mountable
  • Human detection – >1000m
  • Human recognition - >300m
  • Vehicle detection - >2300m
  • Vehicle recognition - >700m

Distances may vary depending on the detector and the atmospheric conditions.

Thermal Sight for Granade Launcher PAGOT

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