OPTIX Z-IR 60 - Thermal Imaging Attachment


Z-IR 60 Clip-on thermal imaging device can be used as a hand-held or weapon-mounted system for observation, target detection or passive target acqui-sition during day and night in variety of environment conditions, including fog, rain, snow, smoke, total darkness. Z-IR 60 is an outstanding thermal imager with a great number of functions and perfect optical performance.

The sophisticated design of the Z-IR 60 Clip-on thermal imaging device eliminates the need to remove the day sighting equipment since the Z-IR 60 is mounted directly in line with a standard day optical sight.

Such a combination allows the soldier to use the existing day scope magnification and zeroing avoiding the need for re-zeroing the riflescope every time the optical configuration is changed. The point of impact remains the same no matter how often or how many times the clip-on is mounted.

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