OPTIX Co Announced a Competition to Determine the Contractor for "Supply of Equipment for Coating, Washing and Propulsion Instrumentation"


Under article 1, paragraph 1 and article 7 of Decree № 55 Council of Ministers of 12 March 2007 on the procedures for determining the implementation of the agreed beneficiaries of grants from the Structural Funds of the European Union and the PHARE Programme of the European Union OPTIX Co, as a beneficiary of the contract grants № 02-7 IPA / 26.06.2009 year announced a procedure for determining contractor – found object choice: Supply of machinery for coating, washing and propulsion instrumentation:

  • Lot 1 (Lot 1) - Machine for antireflective coatings;
  • Lot 2 (Lot 2) - Machine for applying protective coatings;
  • Lot 3 (Lot 3) - Propulsion wash optical details of wholesale operations, and prior coverage;
  • Lot 4 (Lot 4) - Equipment to control the profile of aspheric surfaces and the refraction;
  • Lot 5 (Lot 5) - Interferometer to control the deviation of the shape and aspheric refractional surfaces.