OPTIX met the signing date 5th of February with a new production base in Strelcha

The investment will give the opportunity for opening 30 new jobs in town.

This year managers have again respected the tradition of the Investment Day of Optix (5th of February) and have opened a new production base where optoeletronics are being developed and constructed.

The 3 Million investment includes renovation of the building and the purchase of specialized hi-tech machinery. This investment is part of the long-term strategy of the company which implements the idea of non-stopping upgrade of the production capabilities. This idea, mixed with the consistent R&D process in the company, results in pure innovation in the optical products of the company.

The management thinks that the new investment project in the city of Strelcha will give the opportunity to produce goods for the end-users with higher qualities. Stable growth is set by the annual plan of the company. It is provided by opening new production sites and new jobs for engineers working in the R&D field. The next project that the company deals with is a new investment project in Plovdiv.