OPTIX DayBreaker Series long-range color cameras

OPTIX DayBreaker Series

OPTIX DayBreaker Series are long-range color cameras suitable for integration into security and surveillance systems, enabling high-quality surveillance during the daytime.

OPTIX DayBreaker Series are family of color megapixel cameras with high resolution, suitable for integration into security and surveillance systems. The innovative optical system and the sensitive module provide high quality and detailed image (1920x1080) during daylight hours.

The reliable mechanical design makes the cameras suitable for external installation without additional sealing of the housing. The optical system provides precise continuous optical zoom.

The cameras are designed for versatile observation in the field of security systems, firefighting equipment, video surveillance of border areas and other strategic areas.

The Series can be used to upgrade existing CCTV systems for video surveillance and can be controlled by PC.

The family cameras have variety of similar functions, such as image stabilization, autofocus, back light compensation, auto ICR, etc., allowing the user to adjust variety of settings and suitable operation.


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