OPTIX identiFIRE Mobile


Mobile system for the localization, command and control of the initial stage detection and spread of wildfires

Satisfied by the excellent practical results, as well as from the great commercial interest in our OPTIX Automated Remote identiFIRE system, technology, allowing 365/24/7 perfect trustworthiness and precision in wildfires detection at their initial stage, our specialists developed a mobile version of the system.

OPTIX identiFIRE Mobile

OPTIX identiFIRE Mobile combines all key characteristics of OPTIX Automated Remote identiFIRE system with the convenience and the advantages of mobility.

OPTIX identiFIRE Mobile is fully autonomous and provides unparalleled comfort for the operators, combined with the basic chassis’ quickness and the ability to overcome all terrain obstacles.

At your request, we can add special equipment such as a water and foam tank and high pressure motor pump guaranteeing for efficient operation of rescue operations when this is necessary.

The vehicle, the superstructure manufactured by Czech company ZHT with OPTIX Co. being an exclusive representative for, comes fully equipped with the necessary rescue equipment which corresponds with all of the applicable EU standards and regulations.

OPTIX identiFIRE Mobile

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