OPTIX PAnORAMIx360° Series – reliable pan/tilt units

OPTIX PAnORAMIx360° Standard

The pan/tilt unit is the main element in each & ever multi-sensor system. It serves for very precise directing of the attached surveillance or measurement sensors in the chosen direction, it ensures their reliable management in every moment and it provides precise & accurate alignment of the sensors’ axes.

OPTIX PAnORAMIx360° Series includes pan/tilt units for budgetary, middle and high-end class multi-sensor systems. These are various systems providing surveillance at short (up to 3 km), middle-range (up to 10 km) and long-range (up to 20 km) distances, based on included cooled / uncooled thermal imaging and color cameras.

OPTIX PAnORAMIx360° Series is represented by the following key products:

  • OPTIX PAnORAMIx360° Standard is pan/tilt unit for middle and high-end multi-sensor systems, providing very precise position accuracy and payload capabilities for up to 2x17 kg (balanced on both sides);
  • OPTIX PAnORAMIx360° MINI is budgetary pan/tilt unit for low-end multi-sensor systems, demanding payloads up to 2x8 kg (balanced on both sides). 

Every pan/tilt unit has n x 360° (continuous rotation) azimuth movement, various azimuth & elevation speed rotation and precise positioning accuracy in accordance with your demands.

In last, but not at least, every product from the Series have the capabilities for continuous 365/24/7 work in all weather conditions.