• OPTIX HeatSeekIR Series cooled thermal imaging cameras

    Suitable for extreme long-range observation
  • OPTIX Goliath Series uncooled thermal imaging cameras

    Perfect for integration into surveillance systems
  • OPTIX Minion Series thermal imaging camera

    Perfect for integration in observation CCTV systems allowing 24-hours surveillance in total darkness and harsh weather conditions
  • OPTIX Minion DE Ruggedized Thermal Imaging Driver Enhancer

    Specially designed thermal imag­ing camera allowing the control of all types vehicles in all kind of environmental conditions
  • OPTIX MINION R Series ruggedized thermal cameras

    Designed for heavy and light armored specialized vehicles
  • OPTIX Minion L thermal imaging camera for drone

    Designed to be installed on an UAV. The installation is quick and easy with hinges included in the camera kit