• OPTIX ONS-3 - Night Vision Sight

    ONS-3 is one of the most technologically advanced and compact night vision weapon sights on the market in its class. It is engineered in accordance with the highest MIL standards.
  • OPTIX ONS-4V - Night Vision Sight

    Night vision sight ONS-4V is weapon sight used for observation, sighting and distance measuring during the night, at dusk and dawn.
  • OPTIX ONS-6 - Night Vision Sight

    ONS-6 is one of the most technologically advanced weapon sights on the market. The sight can be mounted on virtually any type of assault or sniper rifles.
  • OPTIX NVA-75M EAGC - Night Vision Attachment

    NVA-75M EAGC is attachment device that serve the purpose of converting existing sniper rifles into fully functional night vision weapon systems in an extremely easy and quick transition.
  • OPTIX NVA-50 - Night Vision Clip-on Device

    The Night Vision Attachment for Universal optical sight for grenade launcher NVA-50 is designed for observation, detection of enemy personnel, technics and objects and conducting aimed fire with handh