OPTIX Future Soldier


The modern terrorist threats demand the requirement of conduct of effective asymmetric military activities to neutralize these threats in the fastest way. Requirement for adequate, accurate and controlled steps from the party of the special anti-terrorist units. Requirement for the OPTIX Future Soldier.  

OPTIX Future Soldier is a program, which combines the last technical solutions of the company in the field of thermovision in combination with a real time video image transfer. This ensures to the maximum the adequate decision making process during the implementation of the mission. The system allows hidden fight scene observation, shooting behind the corner, perimeter analysis and fire control.

No threat is too big if you are prepared.

OPTIX Future Soldier includes thermovision camera, attached to a helmet, thermovision sight, near to eye display and wireless communication with a command center based on COFDM transmission.

The concept allows choice of the video image from one of the two thermovision devices, to be projected in the near to eye display and which is transferred in real time to the mobile control center.

The devices themselves are ergonomic to the maximum, with high resolution, which enables detailed surveillance of the perimeter and effective target acquisition.

The wireless connection is encrypted and ensures reliable video image transfer even with non-line of sight conditions for operations conducted in woods and urban conditions, as well as in buildings.

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